Bad Credit Loans for Your Urgent Financial Revival

Surprises will be fruitful if they come with positive outcomes, but life becomes so hard to live when they pose negative threats. It is all about financial emergencies, as they dismantle all the balance that you have maintained over the years. Such a situation becomes more difficult when you receive a bad credit score against your name.

Situations may be hard, but at the same time, they can be calmed down adequately with the availing of bad credit loans in Ireland. These are the perfect lending options for those with poor credit histories and looking to uplift their ratings. In Ireland, there are multiple direct lenders working on the loans, but at LitewayLoans, you find the most customised loan deals that work according to the individual circumstances. We provide several benefits to our prospective borrowers, and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Early repayment charges are not applicable
  • No compulsion of putting something as collateral
  • Online method of accepting loan applications and fund transferring
  • Personalised deals with flexible lending features
  • Faxing or paperwork is not relevant here
These are only the glimpses of loan benefits, as many you will get after applying for these loans despite bad credit situation.
Loans for Bad Credit Ireland

Why I Need Bad Credit Loans?

If you apply for loans without any purpose, then it will be your biggest mistake. You should have some purpose and when it comes to loans for bad credit people, it becomes more mandatory. Remember, you have to make the repayments later, and thus, applying for the actual required amount is intrinsic.our loans are multi-purpose and can rectify your any financial issue with ease. Before going to the purposes, you should know that these short term loans and large funding will not be possible with them. Here are the purposes:

For Urgent Financial Needs

Enhancement of Credit Ratings

Considering the small funding nature of these loans, anyone can use them for their urgent funding need such as boiler is broken, car repair, home improvement, or for some specific small business purposes. For bad credit scorers, improving the credit score is the most important, as it is something like reviving financial status. Our flexible repayment terms allow you to do so and get finances back on track.

To Come Out From Previous Debts

To Accomplish Financial Desires

Yes, these small loans are useful in removing all previous debts because you get funds on instant and comparatively low interest rates. Why allow your poor credit scores to not to fulfil your desires? Accomplish them with full confidence and we take care of your finances.

Are Bad Credit Loans for Personal Use Only?

In most of the times, loans for people with bad credit scores fall into the category of personal loans. People borrow money when they find their savings insufficient to fulfil their personal desires. Most of the direct lenders in Ireland are too offering loans for the borrowers’ personal uses.

At LitewayLoans, you can execute your both personal and business purposes without any complications.

Loan Benefits for Personal Uses:

  • Funding process with no credit check
  • Competitive APRs and flexible repayments
  • Run your family in a smooth way
  • Easy-to-qualify with no tough obligation
  • No need to finding someone to be your guarantor
Loan Benefits For Personal Uses

Poor Credit Loans for Business Purposes:

  • Soft perusal for your business credit scores
  • Easy online procedure to get funds on instant decision
  • Borrow amount as per your business earning capacity
  • Providing collateral may not be mandatory
  • Easy approval through co-signer with good credit history

What If I Am Not Earning Right Now?

Most of the unemployed borrowers have such question in their mind, but due to some constraints of the mainstream lenders, they have not got a proper answer. LitewayLoans Ireland is the best place where one can expect some flexibility in the lending terms. We are ready to accept loan applications of those jobless people, who have a bad credit score and also lost their jobs due to certain reasons like changing the employer, on maternity leave, or shifting from one city to another.

To qualify for bad credit loans for unemployed people, they need to follow these criteria:

  • They should have income proof of previous employments
  • Their recent financial status should be steady
  • They should have a valid bank account
  • They must be earning part- time income to ensure repayments on time

The exemptions like no guarantor, no collateral and no broker are also applicable for these people but make sure they request for a small amount to borrow.

What Makes LitewayLoans Ireland An Ideal Lending Place?

People used to visit at that lending marketplace where they can easily fetch loan without indulging into difficulties. LitewayLoans Ireland does exactly the same by providing the loans for poor credit people on a result-oriented approach. In fact, we have been able to stand among those lenders’ list where the reliable private lenders in Ireland have found their names.

As a new-age lending company, we can assign an amount from €1000 - €10000 for the people with bad credit scores. However, the amount may extend up to €15000 if required for the business purposes. Obligations are mere formalities here and anyone can become our eligible borrower. Perhaps, this is what our borrowers like much about us.

Apply now for these loans and get a sigh of relief...


Can I get a loan instantly with bad credit?

Yes! Definitely, you can get a loan instantly despite bad credit score. If you have an excellent credit score then you can get the loan from banks, credit unions or standalone lenders at a more affordable rate than bad credit loans.

Since you have a poor credit record, you can look for online lenders or direct lenders like LitewayLoans who provide bad credit loans on instant decision in Ireland. You can apply for the loan on their website. Once your application got approved you will get the fund the same day into your account. Many times you don’t have to keep any security or collateral like a home or any valuable property.

Can I borrow money with bad credit?

It’s a mammoth task to get a loan from traditional lenders if you have a bad credit score. Many lenders prefer to provide loans to someone with an excellent credit record because they think that repayment will be very fast and no risk of loss involved.

But there are lenders who provide loans for bad credit in Ireland. Mostly these are online lenders or direct lenders. Although you get the loan despite less than perfect credit record, these lenders charge a high rate of interest.

How Can I Get a Loan With Bad Credit on Instant Decision?

Definitely, you can get a loan even though you have a bad credit score. There are many online lenders in Ireland like LitewayLoans who provide loans with bad credit on instant decision. With a simple and easy online application process which takes less than 5 minutes to fill and submit, you can get instant approval in seconds. Funds will be available in your account in as few as 24 hours after approval.

Where I can get loans for bad credit in Ireland?

Getting a loan for people with bad credit is an arduous task if you are looking for a primary lender like bank and credit union. They generally prefer borrowers with a good credit score. However, it is not an end of the road for you. You can a bad credit loan from a direct lender or online lender in Ireland like LitewayLoans. With a simple and easy online application process, you don’t have to wait for a long time to get the money.

What company gives loans for bad credit?

Getting loans for bad credit from traditional lenders is impossible. They sign off on loan applications if you have a good credit rating and a repayment capacity. However, direct lenders welcome loan applications from bad credit borrowers too. Though various loan companies are providing bad credit loans, LitewayLoans in Ireland is the best lender because:

  • It lends money at relatively lower interest rates.
  • It allows you to repay the debt in fixed instalments.

This lender will evaluate your repayment capacity before deciding the disbursal limit. This will help you avoid falling into debt.

Is it possible to get personal loans in Ireland with bad credit?

Yes, you can get personal loans in Ireland with bad credit. As long as you have the repayment capacity, you can borrow money without any hassle. Remember that each lender follows a different policy. You should research beforehand to choose a lender that lends money at affordable interest rates. LitewayLoans in Ireland charges lower interest rates for bad credit personal loans as compared to other lenders. Unlike other lenders,We do not charge a prepayment penalty. These loans will help you improve your credit rating. With the record of timely payments on your credit file, your credit score will go up.


Yes, it is the possibility of getting lower interest rates with the collateral that you have pledged. Lenders have the security and thus, they can easily allow personal loans with bad credit rating in Ireland.


If your recent credit performance is good and having pre-registration with the lender, you can get loans for bad credit within a few minutes. Alternatively, you can also have the guarantor to seek the quick approval.

Shop Direct Ireland Ltd Quick Loan

Loan Type


Loan Amount

£1,000 to £35,000

Representative APR

30.6% APR

Loan term

1 year to 5 years

Representative Example: The representative rate is 10.6% APR (fixed) so if you borrow £15,000 over 5 years at a rate of 10.6% p.a (fixed) you will repay £319.57 per month and £19,174.37 in total.

Esvic Limited Guarantor Loan

Loan Type


Loan Amount

£500 to £10,000

Representative APR

49.9% APR variable

Loan term

1 year to 5 years

Representative Example: The representative rate is 49.9% APR (variable) so if you borrow £4,000 over 3 years at a rate of 49.9% p.a (variable) you will repay £195.16 per month & £7,025.76 in total.

Allied Credit Ltd Quick Loan

Loan Type


Loan Amount

£1,000 to £15,000

Representative APR

93.6% APR

Loan term

2 years to 5 years

Representative Example: The Representative APR is 79.4% APR (variable) so if you borrow £3,000 over 2 years at a rate of 59.9% p.a (variable) you will repay £217.24 per month & £5,213.68 in total.

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